by Camilla Jean Welsch Cats and crowsand a slight drizzle of rain,driving out into the countryside,when it’s a soft 80,and flowers are issuing forth from pots on porches. My dog will ride in the back,in a tunnel of wind,as we go a fast 50over the smooth, winding road. I look for the produce stand.Which house isContinue reading “June”


by Camilla Jean Welsch Something new, please. (Rejuvenate me. Revive me.) At least massage my head with a good shampooing. (Hot water, but please don’t burn me.) Cut more off than you dare. (Pare me down to the green shoots.) Add some mousse. (Am I sparkling now?)Heat and shape me. (Am I silky?)Tousle me. (IContinue reading “Bounce”

myself and me

by camilla jean welsch my tearsare the clear hemorrhagingof my soul. I say:self, get up!but I am sinkingtill I am sitting,and soon, very soon, I am lying down. my self says:I am going to lie here a whileuntil I can get back up… I say:will you ever get up? it says:maybe, maybe. and by theContinue reading “myself and me”

strawberry dress

by camilla jean welsch will you marry me there,in my strawberry dress? you can wear shorts,and whatever else… and I can wearsome kind of good gold shoes. yes… rather, we can go shoeless… the air will taste of lemon zest,paired with the scent of salt, which lingers from the low-ebbing tide.


by Camilla Jean Welsch The couple was from San Luis Obispo. I had to look it up when I got home. I hadn’t the foggiest idea where in California it was. But nodded one nod, acknowledging that, at least I’d heard of the place, not more. “Well, what do they expect from a Clevelander?” IContinue reading “Couples”

The Artists

by petite camille-jean, l’artiste amatrice amoureuse 😋 After I looked at their art I said to myself: They’re all like that, the good ones… but simpler and cooler somehow than one thought in their thoughts, given what that’s all about, and the complications and what not.” If you really want to know how to “become”Continue reading “The Artists”

Of Course

By little Camilla Jean Welsch I got playful, I admit. You know, it was because her eyes were showing it. The secret. The secret what? Well, love of course, in the form of a game you have to keep hush about. I said it to the cashier (not out loud of course). In my mind,Continue reading “Of Course”

Both, to a Point

by Camilla Jean Welsch A formerly hostile neighborwaved to mebecause now I am sort of her friend.Funny thing, that,how things can changewhen you smile and laugh a lot,and aren’t afraid to share what other people just won’tbecause you somehow got closeand struck on a note of humanness. A currently hostile neighborpostured at me,feeling confidentbecause sheContinue reading “Both, to a Point”


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