Please God

by Little Camilla Jean

So cold

And water is so abundant on the earth!

Fresh would be best

Clear, sparkling is OK too





Nothing too big

I don’t want to sink

Just make it cold

Not ice cold

Just below zero

But not right away

Just give me a minute

Not to think

Just to feel

Just to feel how cold

My dog will not watch from the bank or the shore

He will be some place warm

With a warm heart

A cheerful hearth

And a new girl

To steal his heart

While I die

So cold

So cold

I will cry

I will die

My lips will be purple and blue

My hair will glisten black and white

Of course, it will be night!

Of course it will be night.

A night with a full moon

There can be clouds covering slightly, if you like

And drifting past with a gentle move

That barely stirs the powdered snow…

I won’t be naked of course 🙂

Not for you!

I’ll wear my best one-piece.

It’s the only one I’ve got!

Haha. You knew.

Fly me to the moon?

Turn my flesh from fair to white

My eyes not red

My eyes not swell

Yes, just break my heart

You knew!

Oh, shoe.

It was shattered and hand-mended already…

Wasn’t the worst job a girl could do!

Oh, you knew that, too! 🙂

OK, then, stop me.

Sudden death.

Stop me in my tracks.

Stop the beat.

Stop the drum.

Stop the flaps.

The heart will be blue.

All blue, please.

OK, and a little white, too.

Marbled jest.

You know best.

You always dew…

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