by Camilla Jean

I liked you small… you were so tall to me…

Just the perfect size, actually.

I could hug you and gaze into your eyes,

your mouth was suited to mine (wasn’t it?),

I could tumble with you gently

and know you’d be all right (good, strong heart).

And I could listen to you talk so nicely,

and delight when you complained,

because it gave me something to look forward to…

someone to check for you,

someone to laugh off for you,

or something to fulfill… (that’s called happy).

I don’t know, I like the role of

making things safe and fun and magical.

I could hold your hand,

and go to Disneyland.

And you could just laugh and smile, and maybe shout out…

I don’t mind 🙂

I’m crazy, but I’m cool like that…

I know you understand. 🙂

Maybe you still like me.

If not, I’ll understand…

… some day, maybe.

On the other hand,

maybe you just like love poems…

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