Easter Anyway

by Camilla Jean Welsch

This year
I’m not so staunch.

This year
I didn’t even watch mass online.

This year
it was still a pretty nice day
and I wore a black trench coat
because there’s nothing wrong
with doing that on Easter Anyway.

Especially when today you go on a date
with a nice Jewish boy
who isn’t religious at all,
and he asks me if I’ve heard the good news.
And I completely fall for it, because then he says:
and I just have to laugh…
because that’s actually pretty funny,
because this year
I’m not so staunch.

And anyway, I’d today explained to him (he already knew)
that the Church isn’t always so forgiving
of mistakes of the marital kind
(and we can both call ourselves divorcees).

But I still wore my little gold cross
and will still say a bedtime prayer
because for me,
it’s Easter Anyway.

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