Banker’s Lamp

by Camilla Jean

If I watched myself on video,
I’d see myself glued
to the computer screen,
eyes scanning,
hands occasionally typing,
using the mouse,
Googling to find answers
to every problem you’re facing
(it’s so easy for me…),
while completely ignoring my own.

And there are several half-empty
coffee cups and soda cans
and random books and bills
cluttering the rest of my unattended desk top.

And then I lean back for a moment in my chair,
and take in my surroundings,
and think, “Wow…”
and then,
“I’d better pay attention to myself…(for once),”
because now it’s gotten dark
and I realize I sit huddled
in the light of one little banker’s lamp…
and that there’s so much more to life.

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