Apples to Apples

by Camilla Jean Welsch

Those ones are matte,
plain, rough and hard,
and maybe have had a worm in them —
straight from the tree,
variously shaped and sized,
and have the best taste,

Those ones have shine,
with a crisp
green, red, and yellow sheen,
conventional in their form,
and remain the crowd pleasers —
a standard in the store.

Some are all red, and waxy,
and will masquerade as something natural and good,
but the bitter taste of the peel will tell you otherwise —
they give those to the poor kids at lunchtime.

Some are the finest organic,
and come in many forms,
but have been sitting in the air
of special preservation too long —
if you try to turn them,
you’ll see they’ve got areas of brown
and yes, sharp, offensive mold —
they are getting more and more rotten as time goes,
touting themselves, still, as most marketable.

Oh, and that one?
Small, bright, hardy,
and tart —
a candy crabapple,
which is only appreciated
when eaten for free
from the churchyard’s
unplanned orchard.

Now on the subject of oranges…

Still life. Apples with lemon.

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