About Camilla

Hello! I grew up in Cleveland Heights, where I currently live with my dog Bear. I have dreamed of writing and publishing my work since I read The Bear by William Faulkner in high school at CHHS. I am a graduate of Cornell University (English & German). I was also a fellow at the Universitaet Heidelberg, Germany (German & French). I have a master’s in early childhood education from Cleveland State University. Three great schools. Thank you to all my teachers and profs. 🙂

My favorites? The Word. Also: “Harlem,” (Langston Hughes), “Blowin’ In The Wind,” (Bob Dylan), “Under Pressure” (David Bowie & Freddie Mercury), “Only God Can Judge Me,” (Tupac Shakur), “Mother to Son” (Langston Hughes), “anyone lived in a pretty how town,” (e.e. cummings), impressionistic paintings, and Debussy’s Claire de Lune (piano). 

What’s up?

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