Passing in the Summer Night

by Camilla Jean Welsch I called out to the man approaching:“Is that Ghost?” He crossed the street now with his white Husky dog(for my Malamute was bigger),and removed an earbud,leaning into my direction. I called out again:“Is your dog Ghost?” “Spirit,” he said. “Ohh… Spirit!” I said. The dog was white even in the hazyContinue reading “Passing in the Summer Night”

Both, to a Point

by Camilla Jean Welsch A formerly hostile neighborwaved to mebecause now I am sort of her friend.Funny thing, that,how things can changewhen you smile and laugh a lot,and aren’t afraid to share what other people just won’tbecause you somehow got closeand struck on a note of humanness. A currently hostile neighborpostured at me,feeling confidentbecause sheContinue reading “Both, to a Point”